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tZERO's financing model is actually a conversion from ICO to STO (SecurityTokenOffering). According to related reports from Cointelegraph, at the end of 2017, tZERO1 Bitcoin = did not initiate financing in the form of STO (SecurityTokenOffering), but in the form of ICO. In the initial stage of financing, the leaders of the cryptocurrency industry and traditional industries made a financing commitment of 100 million US dollars within 12 hours, which shows the influence of its parent company.

In addition, the US cryptocurrency investment agency Grayscale's investment report for the first quarter of this year showed that the amount of funds raised in the first quarter reached US$33.7 billion, which was nearly double the level of last year's peak in the third quarter, setting a record high. Moreover, the quarterly report pointed out that the inflow of funds mainly came from institutions, indicating that the interest of institutional investors in the field of digital assets is rising rapidly. Square’s latest financial report released earlier shows that CashApp’s Bitcoin revenue in the first quarter of 2020 reached US$0.6 billion, gross profit increased by about 90% from the previous quarter to US$7 million, and sales increased by 72% from the previous month, up 367% from the same period last year, a historic record. new highs.

Bitcoin can also bring benefits to people who have never used Bitcoin. It hedges the risk of evil by the central bank and makes the global financial system more resilient. Ironically, Bitcoin can promote the progress of other monetary property systems in the world. Are you kidding me? This is indeed the case. This is the impact of competition on the market. If you are a fan, you will benefit every time Samsung releases a new product, because this forces Apple to improve product quality and competitiveness.

For Ethereum, a hard fork is more like an upgrade to fight monsters. Debug the underlying protocol, replace the factors that make the system use unsmoothly, and improve the smoothness of the entire system. Should only consider the daily maintenance of Ethereum's own development, because it becomes difficult and protracted to involve investors, miners and other stakeholders.

Except Coinbase, all exchanges in the table contain content reading materials. Due to the extremely high cost of Internet traffic, professional currency circle media and channels are not yet complete, and the user's customer acquisition awareness and learning costs are huge, so content output is a cost-effective way to acquire customers. The daily FAQs, announcements, weekly reports, and notifications of the exchange are all within the scope of content marketing. The advantage of outputting content is "active customer acquisition", and the threshold is the quality of quality and whether it is sustainable. Active community operations and customer service are also very important for the exchange to maintain traffic.

For some small transactions, the first confir1 Bitcoin =mation is really useful, because only when your transaction is contained in a block and is mined, can it be pressed by subsequent blocks. And a smaller block interval can reduce the fluctuation of daily additional issuance. But in addition, the block interval can be completely arbitrary. For settlement, security expenditure per unit time is the key issue in addition to the quality of accounting costs. The smaller block interval just divides the granularity of the safety accumulation process into smaller ones. It does not make the settlement complete faster.

"Forbes" released the latest version of the "Forbes 400 Rich List" list last week. The list estimates that Larsen is worth $2.1 billion. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) sits firmly on the top of the list. His assets have increased by $78.5 billion in the past year, and Bill Gates, who had dominated the list for 24 years, is now Relegated to second place.

On December 18, 2020, HuobiBTC, acBTC, BoringDAO and Winkrypto jointly organized an AMA event in the WinDeFi community. This event invited: the climax of Huobi DeFiLabs, Daniel of acBTC, and Enki of BoringDAO. They introduced the product features, progress and solutions of HBTC, acBTC, and BoringDAO respectively, and expressed their opinions on hot topics such as BTC on-chain DeFi and institutional entry of Bitcoin.

Roisman entered the SEC in September this year, and it is reported that his attitude towards cryptocurrencies is relatively friendly. VanEck, SolidX and CBOE tried to prove to Roisman that the Bitcoin ETF series of products comply with securities regulatory rules and can protect investors.