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Bitcoin mining machine application

Ripple changed a key statement about XRP. Is the company doing this to prevent the SEC from classifying it as a security? According to Dudas, if RippleLabs creates and controls the supply of XRP, then the question arises: can the SEC treat it as an unregi

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Trading Bitcoin

For the Venezuelan people, buying Bitcoin may not be to buy the bottom, but to live a better life. Venezuelas economic situation is very bad, the currency crisis lasted for a long time, this year the countrys inflation rate reached nearly 200,000%. Theref

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Grayscale Bitcoin Trust

Second-price auctions are incentive compatible. This means that, unlike the highest price auction, the second price auction does not require bidders to remain strategic. Instead, you should be "honest" and give any price you find worthwhile. Aft

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Bitcoin to $

But how can we know whether the whole network is divided? If you run two full nodes, bitcoinabc0.12 and bitcoinsv0.1. Then you can observe the difference between the latest heights of the two node software. If there are two blocks with different latest he

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What is Bitcoin mining?

Pure anonymity is very important for privacy protection. Many scenes of consumption may not be known to others or left consumption records. There is not only pornography, gambling, drugs and bribery, but also a lot of legal and reasonable consumption. But

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